Our main objective is to provide our followers with a space and entertaining activities that take them out of the daily routine.

Talks about life, health, physical and inner beauty to nourish ourselves on world events: good and bad.

We offer Cultural Talks, exploring topics such as: Russia, China, India, Islamic Terrorism, current situation in Chile, where the accession we ask for is mainly to pay the person who exhibits and have some "snacks and beverages" with which to entertain the evening.


We expose paintings by emerging and established artists, which are for sale in our Oasis and through our website. We represent painters, such as Juan Manuel Vázquez, a consolidated Cuban painter and worldwide. We have several of his works.


We have designer and vintage clothing, intervened, with fun details that make it unique.


We promote talents, people with a passion for what they do, eager to show their art: as musicians, singers, dancers, gymnasts, actors, etc.


We have craft workshops, such as crochet, knitting, embroidery, photography, illustration, watercolor.


Our main idea is that those who attend, as well as those who share their knowledge in the different workshops, feel welcomed in POCO COMUN (UNCOMMON) and can feel the warmth of the environment from the moment they cross the threshold of our door.