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People eager to spread, promote, enjoy, feel and experience art in various ways and from different sources. Share a space welcoming different people who want to teach and others who want to learn a craft, concept, theme, and learn more about what interests them.


The POCOCOMUN concept was born 10 years ago. They say that good ideas come out of crises, however, many times the routine, fear of the unknown, comfort, slows down creation and makes you stay in the same place; breathing at a normal rate, almost immobilized in action but infinitely restless in thought. You are unconsciously looking for your way.

Having developed perception, and being attentive to the various signals that the Universe emits, I began to perceive more things than usual around me that did not leave me indifferent; on the contrary, I thought -I have to do something, I can't stand here, motionless, for something I'm living this, for something I came across this person, for something I went to this place.-


And it adds and continues, it continues to happen to this day and now I am taking actions in this regard, that is how on June 15, 2017 POCO COMUN Chile SPA was finally and formally born.

Why that name? Because personally I like different things, unusual colors, unusual places and with the sensitivity of an artist, having, doing, thinking, even wearing unusual things.


In this beautiful Chile, it is not an easy task, being different has a cost, a cost that one happily assumes for this different way of being and acting.

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